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Article - 9 September 2011

Cycling sessions to target different fitness components

Written for Cycling Plus Magazine:

Boost Your Fitness Before the Lights Go Out

The light summer evenings are drawing to an end. But this does not mean your hard earned condition has to. You can still target several components of your cycling fitness with these four high quality sessions, tailored to make the most of the fading evening light. Here’s how:

1: Strength endurance session – 90mins

Sometimes referred to as ‘tempo training’ this session is about spending time just below your threshold. As such, the pace should be brisk and the effort level comfortably hard. Including low and high cadence intervals in the session also builds very specific on-bike strength endurance and leg speed.

HOW: Warm-up by spinning an easy gear on the flat for 10 minutes. Then do 2 X 30 minutes separated by a 10 minute easy spinning recovery. The first 30 minutes is done at a cadence of 10-15 rpm lower than you would normally select (So 75-80rpm if 90 rpm is your default cadence). The second 30 minute block is done at a cadence of 10-15 rpm higher. Each 30 minute block is done at the same ‘tempo’ intensity. Cool down with 10 minutes easy spinning. The key is to keep both effort level and cadence constant whether on the flat, hills or downhill.

2: Threshold boosting session – 60mins

If you have ever ridden a 40km time trial then you will be familiar with threshold intensity. It is very uncomfortably sustainable, requires real concentration and considerable motivation to maintain. Sessions which include short periods of time at this intensity with even shorter recoveries really improve your ability to keep your ‘hand to the flame’.

HOW: Warm-up by spinning an easy gear on the flat for 10 minutes. Now gradually ramp the effort level over the next 10 minutes and even include a few ‘surges’. Now nail 3 X 8 minutes intervals at your threshold intensity separated by 2 minute easy spinning recoveries. Cool down with 10 minutes easy spinning. It is important to ensure that you meter out your effort equally over each interval and from the first interval to the last. There is no real benefit to ‘blowing up’ before the session is complete.   

3: Power and pedalling efficiency session – 45mins

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a fabulous means of getting ‘bang for buck’ from very limited training time. A group of Canadian researchers have shown that not only do very hard, short efforts lead to a whole range of favourable physiological adaptations in the muscles, but they do so very quickly. Just a handful of these sessions will significantly improve your cycling power. The researchers also speculated that the rapid improvement is, in part, probably due to neuromuscular adaptations.  In other words, the all-out bursts of effort involved may sharpen neurological pathways associated with pedalling, resulting in improved efficiency.

HOW: Warm-up with 15 minutes easy spinning on the flat. Then perform 2X10 minute blocks of 10 seconds maximal effort in a medium gear, followed by 20 seconds easy recovery. Continue this pattern until the first 10 minute block is done then spend 10 minutes easy spinning before nailing the next 10 minute block. Cool down with 15 minutes easy spinning. 

4: Active recovery session – 30mins

If you perform sessions 1-3 during the week and also include a longer aerobic base building ride at the weekend, this leaves you with three days to recover. At least one of these should involve elevating blood flow which helps to flush the metabolic waste products from the system generated by training at the higher intensities. It is all about helping your body to absorb the harder training sessions. However, it cannot be stressed enough that for it to be effective it must be executed perfectly. Perfection in this case means slowly. If a hill is involved, no matter how gently you climb it, the session was too hard. Remember easy, gentle spinning only - the sort of riding you could do with your grandmother!

HOW: Just spin the pedals for 30 minutes on the flat. No hills. No big chain ring. No ego.

So go out and trip the light fantastic while you still can. One more solid block of quality training before the season is out will give your engine a nice tune up before the long winter months. After all the turbo trainer is not going anywhere!

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  • When I met Garth in 2013, in my late 40s, I was already in reasonable shape. Or so I thought! The programmes Garth has set for me have coaxed me along to a much higher fitness level.

    Brian Shea, Investment Banker, Surrey

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  • Hi Garth
    Many thanks for a truly memorable weekend. The training, teaching and experience was fantastic: I was still reliving some of those climbs on the plane home! It was also great to meet your lovely family.
    Thank you again and I can’t wait to get back down for another weekend of precision training.

    David Persaud, London May 2015

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  • I was fairly new to cycling. I loved it, but felt like I had reached a plateau - I was suffering from frequent illness and injury, I didn't see much reward out for the extra effort in, and consequently my motivation was starting to falter. By good fortune, the gurus at Cyclefit recommended Garth Fox - and I haven't looked back since.

    Max Kirby

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  • {Garth is} a man of integrity, who seems to be driven by nothing more than a desire to help others to achieve their dreams - be these to finish a sprint triathlon, or to qualify for Kona - Garth will be at your side (sometimes literally!) every step of your journey. You're in safe hands.

    Professor Alison McConnell, BSc, MSc, PhD, FBASES, FACSM.
    Professor of Applied Physiology, Brunel University, UK. Author of "Breathe Strong, Perform Better"

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  • My goal after having two children was to get back to at least the level of 10k running performance I was at before having children, which was 50 mins. Under Garth's highly professional guidance I recently managed a time of 45 mins and came 6th in my age group! I am ecstatic and have already set my sights on a triathlon next year. As Garth always tells me, the limits are only where you set them. Thankyou!

    Karine Seguin - Head of European Business Development – Financial services sector, London

  • Garth's success in the field of sports physiology begins with his passion and respect for endurance events and the human body. He has a deep understanding of the connection between training, racing, recovery, and nutrition and how proper balance in life can optimize one's performance.

    Michi Weiss - Pro Ironman Triathlete.
    2011 Xterra World Champion, Olympian and 4X Ironman Champion.

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  • Garth's enthusiasm for endurance sports physiology seemingly knows no bounds. He has a great understanding of the human body and how it responds to rest and training. He's also one of those rare people who have both communication and analytical skills, when most people only have one or the other.

    Phil Mosley - Elite Triathlete & Coaching Editor of Triathlon Plus magazine

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  • Garth really knows how to connect the dots between training and performance. His enormous expertise in physiology and sports science makes his training interventions very perceptive and his ability to tease out the precise adaptations required for the desired improvement in performance with different training stimuli is uncanny.

    Peter Leo - U23 Triathlete - Student of Sports Science

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