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"If you haven't changed your mind on how you train in 2 years, check your pulse. You may be dead." - Joe Friel
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"The best part of my job is working with someone who really wants to work at their fitness, fully embracing everything I ask them to do... and then just watching them fly" - Garth Fox

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Phil Mosley, Elite Triathlete & Coaching Editor of Triathlon Plus magazine.

Phil Mosely“Garth’s enthusiasm for endurance sports physiology seemingly knows no bounds. He has a great understanding of the human body and how it responds to rest and training. He’s also one of those rare people who have both communication and analytical skills, when most people only have one or the other.

Phil Mosely on the bikeHe has a similar mentality to endurance sport as I do. He believes that success is about more than just doing loads of training, it’s about training smart. That’s why I value his advice so much and there’s not many people I can say that about. I’ve been involved in triathlon a long time, through competing, sports science testing, coaching and working for Triathlon Plus magazine. And yet every time I speak to Garth I learn something new. So whether it’s magazine writing, public speaking, coaching advice or anything else connected to the science of endurance sport, I strongly recommend him to you.

Michi Weiss, 2011 Xterra World Champion, Olympian and 4X Ironman Champion.

Michi WeissGarth’s success in the field of sports physiology begins with his passion and respect for endurance events and the human body.  He has a deep understanding of the connection between training, racing, recovery, and nutrition and how proper balance in life can optimize one’s performance.

Michi Weiss runningI have seen the fair mind with which Garth approaches every new subject in sports science. He is enthusiastic and open to new ideas and technologies while still respecting the fact that endurance athletics is rooted in time and hard work.

As a coach, public speaker, writer, and sports scientist, Garth brings fresh ideas and positive energy to the world of endurance sport.

Professor Alison McConnell, BSc, MSc, PhD, FBASES, FACSM
Professor of Applied Physiology, Brunel University, UK
Author of “Breathe Strong, Perform Better

Professor Alison McConnellI encounter many, many people who know a bit about sport, and a bit about exercise physiology, and think they possess all they need to set up as a coach, or sport scientist. Garth is not one of these people. His academic background is underpinned by a post-graduate degree, and his insight into the physiological and personal demands of competitive sport are underpinned by a successful career in age-group triathlon. In short, he knows the science, but he also knows that most people are not professional athletes - they have jobs and families, and they need to balance all aspects of their lives harmoniously.

Some coaches like to use ‘smoke and mirrors’ to mystify their craft, in contrast, Garth loves to communicate what he knows, which he does very clearly to the non-specialist and specialist alike. His sheer enthusiasm for sport science has also helped make Garth a formidable coach and competitor, because he’s constantly looking for new ways to train smarter. For example, Garth was one of the earliest adopters of breathing training, and he now has an insight into the technique that enables him to incorporate this vital adjunct into any training schedule.

As someone who shares Garth’s philosophy of training only as hard and as long as is necessary to achieve one’s goals, I find him a breath of fresh air, and a welcome break from the coaches who still believe that “beasting” their athletes is the only way to get results (it’s not!).

Finally, my recommendation would be incomplete without a word about Garth’s values – he’s a man of integrity, who seems to be driven by nothing more than a desire to help others to achieve their dreams - be these to finish a sprint triathlon, or to qualify for Kona - Garth will be at your side (sometimes literally!) every step of your journey. You’re in safe hands.

Karine Seguin, London
Head of European Business Development – Financial services sector, London

My goal after having two children was to get back to at least the level of 10k running performance I was at before having children, which was 50 minutes. Under Garth's highly professional guidance I recently managed a time of 45mins and came 6th in my age group! I am ecstatic and have already set my sights on a triathlon next year. As Garth always tells me, the limits are only where you set them. Thankyou!

Max Kirby, London

I was fairly new to cycling. I loved it, but felt like I had reached a plateau - I was suffering from frequent illness and injury, I didn't see much reward out for the extra effort in, and consequently my motivation was starting to falter. By good fortune, the gurus at Cyclefit recommended Garth Fox - and I haven't looked back since.

Garth's motto is "exercise is medicine". You can describe his approach in 3 words, too: "focus, feedback, fun."

Working with Garth took my performance to another level. Initial tests combined with my own priorities to determine the key improvement areas. As a professional sports scientist, he crafted a training regimen that introduced rigorous precision to my workouts. Every session had a clear objective, and no two training blocks were identical - keeping the body guessing and the mind fresh.

Garth's commitment to his athletes is impressive. No sooner would I upload my session data than I'd get a clear, analytical response: not just an interpretation of my effort in relation to the targets he'd set, but also - crucially - in the context of my comments and the overall programme. Thus it was not only my form that improved; every single session brought me a better understanding of my body and how to tune it to get the results I wanted. Our discussions took place over email, text, twitter, skype - and coffee - and the topics were as varied as the medium. And however the workout had gone, there was always encouragement, always something to work on.

Before Garth, I had been overtraining and was almost permanently ill; after enlisting his help, my energy levels recovered and my motivation was transformed as I could feel myself making tangible progress. In the end, I had an immense season. I moved on from the plateau and didn't have so much as a cold for months. What I did have, however, was a smile on my face. He knows exactly how much is enough, when you need a break, when to go nuts for glory.

I can't wait for next season. Thanks to Garth, I know there's "plenty left in the tank", and I look forward to working with him to find it.

Brian Shea, Investment Banker, Surrey

When I met Garth in 2013, in my late 40s, I was already in reasonable shape. Or so I thought! The programmes Garth has set for me have coaxed me along to a much higher fitness level.

A lot of what he does was initially very counter-intuitive – not the kind of plan I could have cooked up on my own.

Garth is also a great listener. A common mistake, with or without a coach, is to bang out your schedule regardless of how you feel. He will dial things down if it sounds like you need it. Over the past four years, apart from a major crash (not Garth's fault!), I have been remarkably healthy.

As others comment in their testimonials, Garth is always learning, looking to improve his coaching, and taking on board the latest science. He will excitedly send you articles -- without realizing that you will also need a MSc in sports science to understand a word of some of them.

And Garth is a lot of fun. I've had a great time on his training camps. Despite the in-built advantage he gives himself on time trial days when he forgets to tell us the exact location of the finish line.

Garth, thank you. I've achieved a lot more than I thought possible under your skillful guidance, and I've had a lot of fun doing it!

David Persaud, London

The background was I did it last year and after 5o miles was struggling. I got cramp at 65 miles and limped in behind one of my mates having lost the group. Afterwards I said I am either getting better at sportifs or giving up. Thats about the time I reached out to you.

This year, I kept my power within strict limits (as you suggested in September) and consumed a gel every half an hour. It was windy so I strategically tried to use the group as much as possible

At the 50 mile mark I felt strong. At 80 I felt stronger as I knew we were close. My mate who dragged me in last year dropped off with cramp. I also noticed the others struggling on the hills. With 8 miles to go there is one last big hill. I was still feeling good so "dropped the hammer" and broke away from my group. I ended up finishing two and half minutes ahead of my group. What a difference a year makes!

Many thanks for all your input this year. Training and riding smart made all the difference.

David Persaud , London May 2015

Hi Garth. Many thanks for a truly memorable weekend. The training, teaching and experience was fantastic: I was still reliving some of those climbs on the plane home! It was also great to meet your lovely family.

Thank you again and I can’t wait to get back down for another weekend of precision training.

Peter Leo , U23 Triathlete - Student of Sports Science

Garth really knows how to connect the dots between training and performance. His enormous expertise in physiology and sports science makes his training interventions very perceptive and his ability to tease out the precise adaptations required for the desired improvement in performance with different training stimuli is uncanny.

Garth is also a hard training athlete himself which means he understands what we athletes feel and go through and that certainly informs his ability to gauge appropriate training loads for us as individuals. His statement: "Numbers don't lie" underpins his philosophy that performance should be always measured by data whether you are an amateur or pro athlete. That said, Garth's approach to training is that it's central purpose is to enhance an individual's race performance and not add to scientific research per se. As well as using the latest technology for coaching, training and testing, he manages to communicate the essential elements of human performance in a straightforward and direct way. As he likes to say "Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler"!

Aubone Tennant , Telecoms, Surrey - Achieved PB of 9h47m at Ironman Barcelona 2017 in 45-49 Age Group

Garth, I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to you for all your help, guidance and encouragement over the last months/years.

After Ironman Switzerland I really began to lose the faith. Thank you for keeping me on task! I couldn't have asked for a better coach!

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